The convergence of cloud, big data and large-scale analytics provides new opportunities for businesses to better engage with their customers and respond faster to their needs. The adoption of these technologies is inevitable, if organizations want to stay competitive and relevant in a changing market. However, the emerging nature with its fast changing landscape presents novel challenges to choose the right technologies, implement them and future-proof your technology investments.

With our proven methodologies and extensive experience from public and commercial engagements, we provide end-to-end support in capability assessment, data strategy, architecture and design, implementation, maintenance and support to meet the needs of your growing digital business.

Modern Data Platform and Architecture

The proliferation of data from new emerging digital channels is resulting in data swamps without adding value to the business organizations. The traditional data platforms, which were primarily designed for processing point-of-sale transactions, are too expensive and cannot scale to the needs of the modern organizations. In addition, we are witnessing an explosion of technologies to collect, store and process this data. To handle this explosion and the growing demand for accurate and timely insight, it is becoming necessary to adopt distributed processing and cloud-ready platforms

We are focused in modern data technologies and bring a wealth of knowledge from the traditional data world. With this distinct blend, we are ideally prepared to help your business modernize your data platform and augment with data streams from customer engagement channels.

With our expertise in capability assessments, developing strategy and architecture, defining roadmaps and cloud economics, we will help you determine the right platform that is apt for your workloads, budget and business needs. We will guide you through the cumbersome process of tool selection, deployment options, security, automation and operationalization of your data and analytics platform.

Digital Ventures

As organizations embark on a journey to embrace innovation and monetize their data, there are several challenges that prevent or slow them down from achieving significant financial outcomes. The financial realization requires a culture of experimentation and a lean startup approach to quickly understand the customer needs before going to market.

We partner with your organization to accelerate ideas to market by quickly and cost-effectively enabling technologies with fail-fast approach. We are focused in high growth opportunities across sectors and industries, particularly in marketing and sales, financial tech and healthcare.

Our early stage quickstart accelerators and long standing experience in ideating, prototyping and building successful early stage startups will help your organization realize profound results. Our team of architects, engineers, designers and product experts will drive the ideas through a frugal innovation cycle and to successful completion.

Data Flow Automation

Typically, the incoming data have different storage, transformation, governance, security and latency requirements based on its business process integration and use. The processing and management of data involves managing several dedicated teams, complex workflows and a plethora of tools, yet most organizations fall short of providing timely and accurate insights that are invaluable to drive business forward.

We specialize in simplifying and automating data flows from various sources that are internal and external to the organization. With our automated controls and orchestration of your data flow workloads, you can optimize performance, latency, cost and scale.

We have considerable experience implementing the data flows with open-source and vendor tools, cloud-based services and our proprietary stream services to quickly and reliably modernize your data flows, and build a robust and scalable modern data platform.

Advanced Analytics

Fusing analytics into business operations increases productivity rates and profitability of the organization. The modern analytics technologies enable organizations to generate insights by performing analyses and applying algorithms on data at scale and on data in-flight.

Our engagement consists of two phases: first, to develop a monetization strategy based on the business drivers and technological capabilities and second, to implement prediction and optimization algorithms for superior decision support value.

We employ proven methodologies to explore, vectorize, model, measure, validate and optimize the data journey. Our engagements has delivered deep insights to our customers by processing the most relevant measures and deploying optimal algorithms for maximum accuracy. We are well versed with statistical and mathematical modeling, using open-source tools and large-scale analytics, for continuous and discrete patterns of insight generation.